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LENTO ADVISORS works with entrepreneurs who have already started their business, but need help taking it to the next level; or executing an exit strategy.

LENTO has taken businesses national (across all 50 states) and international (26 countries and counting). We have executed successful organic growth strategies, as well as acquired and sold businesses across the globe.


Many entrepreneurial minded individuals dream about starting their own business, but run into road blocks such as money, business expertise, confidence .... LENTO VENTURES provides the capital and proven business expertise you need to get up and running. We partner with entrepreneurs who share our values of honesty & hard work.

"LENTO supported my business start-up with capital and incredibly well-rounded business expertise; sales, marketing, finance, technology.... we now operate across the United States with LENTO's guidance"
- Elisa Ciardiello, Pharmaceutical Strategies LLC

"LENTO helped me turn an idea (a dream actually) into a business. LENTO is more than just a funding source; it is an organization of professionals with proven experience in starting, growing and selling businesses. Having LENTO there to teach me and help me with the operations (marketing, sales, banking, web site, technology infrastructure and support, accounting, insurance, legal...) made all of the difference."
John Jasper, SevenTier LLC